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The Willow Bunch Museum & Heritage Society was established by a group of local students who created the Willow Bunch Museum in 1972.

Museum Board

Today the Willow Bunch Museum & Heritage Society is a registered non-profit organization run by the Museum Board of Directors, a group of volunteers from the local community. The Museum Board is responsible for the on-going operations at the museum, collecting and maintain the artifacts, and preserving the history of Willow Bunch and the local area. Please contact the museum form information on the current board members.


The Willow Bunch Museum & Heritage Society Directors meets at various times throughout the year, usually once a month, to deal with matters needing attention. These meetings are for the Directors, Town Council Rep, and invited guests only.

The Willow Bunch Museum & Heritage Society also holds an annual meeting, usually in the spring, which is open to the public. See the Events page for more details on the annual meeting.


The Museum Board relies on many volunteers from the community who give so much of their time to help with the up keep of the museum grounds, building, exhibits, as well as the day to day operation of the museum during our regular season. If you would like to Get Involved with the museum, please contact us. The follow volunteers help out regularly at the the museum:

Nichole Gellner
Summer Students

We also usually hire one or more students to help us out in the summer months. The job opportunities are usually posted on website towards the end of the year or early in the new year for the up and coming season. You may also find them on the Young Canada Works website.