Willow Bunch Museum
Elevator Project


In the past one of the challenges our museum faced was the ability to meet the needs of handicapped visitors and anyone who just can't make it up and down the stairs in our building. The solution to that challenge was, of course, an elevator.

When the building was renovated in the early '90s the original plans for those renovations included the installation of an elevator, but the elevator had to be excluded from the project due to insufficient funds. However, space in the building, an old stairwell, was set aside for the elevator in case the necessary funds ever materialized.


Early in 2011 the Town of Willow Bunch, the owner of the building, obtained two grants for the installation of an elevator in the museum thanks to the help of Sharleine Eger, the Willow Bunch CDO. The two grants were:

These grants along with fund-raising that took place a few years earlier made the installation of an elevator possible.

Elevator Committee

A committee was established to oversee the project immediately after the funding was obtained. The members of this committee are:

Allan MondorTown Representative & Project Lead
Sharleine EgerWillow Bunch CDO
Madeleine Thorhaug   Museum Representative
Henri BouvierFTS Representative
Roger PhilipponTechnical Adviser

During 2011 this committee found a suitable elevator vendor and contractors to do the work needed to accommodate the installation of the elevator.


The Willow Bunch Town Council, acting on the recommendations of the Elevator Committee, selected Access 2000 Elevator & Lift Inc of Saskatoon as the supplier of the elevator for this project. Their C1000 elevator, which they manufacture here in Saskatchewan, was clearly the best fit for our building. The key features of this elevator are:

  • Spacious 4'x5' platform
  • 1000 lb (454kg) capacity
  • Fully enclosed cab
  • In-car emergency lowering
  • Manual emergency lowering and lift

This elevator easily fit within the confines of the old stairwell and it is configured with for 4 stops:

  1. Basement Level
  2. Ground Level (Back/South Entrance)
  3. Museum First Floor
  4. Museum Second Floor

The elevator has front and rear doors so direct access is provided to each of the 4 stops without the need for any ramps. The elevator is also configured with a light screen (electronic safety screen) to permit unsupervised use. It is possible to lock off access to the upper floors (the museum) so the elevator can be used for functions in basement during off hours when the museum is closed.

More details on the elevator are available in the C1000 Design & Planning Guide (pdf).

Access 2000 Elevator & Lift Inc of Saskatoon was also given the job of removing the old stairs and building the new elevator shaft required to accommodate the elevator.

Kimball Electric of Assiniboia did the electrical work.

Vipond of Regina did the modification to the fire sprinkler system.

Allan Mondor did the finishing work at each of the elevator landings. He also did the work to provide access (for future maintenance activities) to the space behind the elevator and to the attic. Allan also oversaw all construction activities.


The construction activities for the project took place in the first part of 2012. Have a look at our photo album to get an appreciation for scope of the project.

Ribbon Cutting

A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the New Elevator will be held on Saturday August 4th, 2012 at 2:00pm.


Before Construction

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Shaft Construction

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Machine Room

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Finishing Work

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After Construction

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