Musée de Willow Bunch
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The Willow Bunch Museum occupies 2 floors of the Convent.

The corridors and rooms on each floor are packed full of artifacts organized as described below, but this is by no means a comprehensive inventory of our museum.

First Floor
  • Room #1 - Giant Edouard Beaupré This room, dedicated to the memory of Edouard Beaupré and perhaps our most famous collection, contains a life size statue of the Giant, his original 9 foot long bed, many of his personal items (overcoat, shoes, baptismal record, etc.), and numerous photographs.

  • Room #2 - House and Home A large collection of artifacts dating back to the 1900's, a time before electricity.

  • Room #3 - Chapel The original chapel of the convent. This room pays tribute to the Sisters of the Cross who founded our historic building. It also contains articles from the Catholic and United churches of the Willow Bunch area.

  • Room #4 - Archives This room houses our research materials, history books and other publications. See the Archives page for more details.

  • First Floor Corridor Display of Charles Skinner, one of the first Air Ambulance pilots in southern Saskatchewan. There are also other displays containing various artifacts from days before running water and electricity.

Second Floor
  • Room #5 - Homemaker's Room Tools and appliances used by the women in their daily lives before the age of electricity, as well as clothing from the past.

  • Room #6 Légaré / Métis / Sitting Bull Exhibits on our Métis settlers, Jean Louis Légaré and Sitting Bull are consolidated into one room to highlight a significant international event in our local and provincial history.

  • Room #7 - Tools & Technology Room This room contains a wide assortment of old tools, displays highlighting the history of farming and ranching in Saskatchewan, and many artificts showing the advancements made in technology over the years.

  • Room #7 B - NWMP/RCMP This small room is dedicated to the North West Mounted Police, including artifacts like the jail cell originally used by the Willow Bunch RCMP.

  • Room #8 - Hospital Room This room contains artifacts from the Willow Bunch Hospital.

  • Room #9 - School Room A rooms set up to represent the schools from the past.

  • Second Floor Corridor Here you will find a display dedicated to our local Veterans, sports gear from the past, and a display containing artifacts from the Midland Clay mine that existed at one time in the Willow Bunch area.

Museum Entrance and Gift Shop
  • Woods carvings by Leo Holcombe

Special displays in the Basement Hall
  • none at this time